The Viewer's Share by Joshua Reiner

My blog has a purpose now. This site is about my art, but the blog is now something much bigger than me. If you are an artist, or if you appreciate art that is well done, and you're tired like I am of the bullshit art that seems to flood the market in places like Chelsea NY, or any other contemporary collection of poorly assembled emotions, then this blog is now a place for you to hang out. 

Starting today I will post the names of artists who have nailed it. Art that is unique, that is done well, that makes you stare at it and wonder how in the f#*k? I need this. I need to see great sculpture. I need to look at paintings that shake the earth. Please, please send me these artists. Put their names here. Comment on this blog post and add links, pics, or whatever you can find.

Thank You!



***  A friend of mine sent me a link today. Timothy Springlemeyer is a Madison WI artist that's doing some super cool stuff with reclaimed metal. Check him out!